What is the best way to mount a steering wheel controller for playing driving games?
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What is the most useful, comfortable and clever way to mount a steering wheel video game controller?

I've recently become hooked on the driving game Gran Turismo 5, for Playstation 3, and I purchased a steering wheel controller on the advice of many people who said it would make the game even more enjoyable. It does!

However, I have been unable to find a satisfactory way to mount the controller, and the gas/break pedals while playing. So far I have tried mounting the wheel on the edge of various coffee tables, end tables, book shelves and chairs with the pedals underneath. Then moving these around to get the best view of the screen.

None of these setups are ideal. Either the wheel is too high, too low, too close or too far away, or the pedals are too close or too far away. Depending on what piece of furniture it's mounted too, often I can't get a decent angle to view the screen. The room is carpeted, so the pedal board tends to slide, so mounting the pedals might be a good idea as well.

I've searched around the web, and have seen a few clever ways that people have setup their controllers (for example, one was mounted inside an ottoman). I haven't been able to find anything that fits my needs, or instructions on how to create something like this.

I'm curious if anyone has suggestions or links to cool, clever setups or DIY mounting systems that could be built to make a comfortable and efficient driving setup?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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On one of those adjustable ergonomic keyboard desks.
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If you can weld/know someone who can then something like this would be ideal.
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This racing ottoman controller setup appears to work quite well: link
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Would getting a cheap IKEA laptop desk like this and mounting the wheel to that with something work? It's height adjustable, and as a laptop stand, it's top notch. To add the pedals, you could mount them to a flat board of some sort, or put the whole thing on a large piece of plywood if you have the room.
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Do a search for "racing chair".

If you've bought a PS3, game, and wheel, it might be worth it to you to cough up another $300 for a racing seat with mounts for the pedals/wheel/shifters. Add your own five point harness and helmet :-)
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If you bought the Logitech Driving Force GT, it has C-shaped hooks on the feet that can be removed with a bit of force, and the feet become L-shaped and fit handily on an IKEA "Lack" square table (~$10). Then it's a trip to the hardware store for some blocks of wood and screws to raise the table. You'll need 4 blocks for each leg, and maybe if your pedals slide you could add a long piece of wood as a sort of "Firewall" or backing plate to the two legs furthest from your couch. A few holes drilled, some long wood screws (or L-brackets, depending on the height you want) and you have a ghetto mounting setup.
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I use an ironing board. The height is adjustable, and there's space for the pedals underneath. Also, they can be folded away, and there's a fair chance you already have one. OK, OK, it doesn't look cool.
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The good doctor has nothing but praise for the Fanatec wheel stand.
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