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Quick question...if I purchase a domain name (ie through Wordpress, can I transfer it to a different cms (?) in the future if i am not happy with wordpress' performance? For instance could I go to Joomla and take my name with me or does wordpresss somehow own it? This and any other tips you have for a new website creator/user would be greatly appreciated.
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A content management system (cms) is the software that runs on a server. A webhost provides the server space. Currently, is your host and WordPress is your CMS. You can just as easily run WordPress on your own server.

Anyway, the quick answer is that you can transfer it after 60 days.
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Your domain name is merely a locator for your information (html pages, cms, etc.). It is completely platform- and software-independent. However, depending on who you register your domain through (your registrar), you most likely have control of the domain yourself, but it's important to know that. Check your ownership information with your registrar to make sure.
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Just buy your domain elsewhere and point it wherever you want. There's No Reason, whatsoever, to pay $17 for a domain name today. None. $10 and under at lots of registrars.
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If you haven't regged the name yet you might want to not publicise The adress you are aiming for. Someone might get inspired to beat you to it.
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Nthing - always get your domain from a domain registrar (;, etc.) and get hosting elsewhere.
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