Script kiddie, cron job, or 'there's an app for that'?
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After three years of Blogspot and Flickr, I'm finally moving to my very own unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth servers. (Yes, I know that's not really unlimited, but that's not going to be a problem). The problem is that said photos are on blogspot and flickr, and there's 1,000+ posts with perhaps 5,000 photos. Tell me there's an automated way / script to bring everything under one roof...?

Not a programmer here, but familiar with HTML and reasonably so with CSS, Wordpress, and most other web tools.

The blog has been imported successfully from a Blogger-hosted site to one with its own name. Wordpress has been installed, although the server account has your usual array of bells and whistles. The problem is that all those photos and links still point to Flickr and blogspot... Moving forward I'll simply upload them en masse to my own server - but what can be done about the archives?

Also, internal links - is there an easy way to find and replace with ?

Thanks MeFis!
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Take a look at .
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Best answer: One possible way would be to export your Wordpress content, which creates a huge XML file, and then use find-and-replace in Notetab or Notepad++ (not word or openoffice; it adds formatting) to change paths; then purge the existing wordpress content and import your find-replaced version. I can think of dozens of ways that this could fail badly, but it could also find things you didn't think of (one blogpost links another, etc.). You still need to get all the images copied to their new home some other way.

However: Blogspot and Flickr URLs can be left intact, because as long as you leave your accounts inforce, those images will be available and linkable. Blogspot servers have never AFAIK choked on hotlinking. That'll also save bandwidth for your servers, too.

But -- make sure you have a backup if necessary, and HTTtrack is what I use for backing up websites, too. Dig through the settings to make sure it copies everything locally, and then you'll have all your images downloaded for re-uploading to your new server.
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I think all your blogspot ones are silently being turned into an album in google picasa - that might help you grab them all, but not any help for changing the links.
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Each CMS user community has people who have done this. You will hear a few different methods (oembed, etc.) but it's doable, so do inquire at your favorite CMS community.
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If you know someone with some command line experience on GNU/Llinux , MacOS X or a similar *nix like OS you could ask for help with the relatively simple tasks of downloading all your content with wget or curl, and using sed and awk to handle your search & replace en masse.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for the answers.

After some mucking about, I found an excellent 'Blogger to Wordpress' plug-in, which redirects the blogger page ( to the page ( The XML might've worked, but I like the automated, hands-off procedure far better :)
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