Blog Hosting for Animations?
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Are there any (hopefully free) blog hosting services that allow posting flash, or at least canvas+javascript?

I want to start a blog, but a lot of my content is mathematical animations, in flash. I don't mind reworking the animations in javascript though. I've tried Wordpress and I like that it's got plugins for LaTeX and syntax coloring (for code), but I can roll my own if javascript is allowed.
posted by iconjack to Computers & Internet (4 answers total) 2 users marked this as a favorite permits users to post flash files. You can create an account from here.

When you want to include a flash file in a blog post, the first thing you do is use the "new file" function to upload the flash file, probably to the "files" directory for your blog.

Then you create your blog post. In the WYSIWYG entry frame there are some controls on top. One of them looks like this: <>

Clicing that allows you to edit the post HTML directly. Use that to enter this code:

<EMBED src=/files/filename.swf width=640 height=480 type=application/x-shockwave-flash quality="high">

with "filename" being changed to the name of your file, and the width and height parameters being what you want them to be.
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GitHub sites with jekyll would suit this quite nicely, and is free.
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Response by poster: The GitHub+Jeckyll solution sounds intriguing, but I'm confused. I thought GitHub was a public source code repository. Can you point me to something that explains how to create a blog there? Much appreciated.
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Response by poster: Never mind, I found this, which I think will answer my questions. Thanks!
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