Help me find these weird Japanese T-Shirts again
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A couple of years ago I bought two bizarre T-shirts from an obscure, Japanese website. See them here. Does anyone know where I can find this site again?

I literally have no idea where or how I found this site. Any help much appreciated. See the t-shirts here.
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Yours don't look like their style, but Cozygen also has weird Japanese t-shirts.

My favorite one has a picture of a light bulb on it, and says "What do you think about my shape? I am the beacon of the vegetable."
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Vandalize and Beams might have stuff along that style.
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I wonder if the small writing below the zebra is the store name? I can't really tell in your picture because it's too small to read.
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Best answer: The writing below the zebra is:



seems to be the ticket.
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hmm, here's chikuwab's main directory. How come they didn't make these cool t-shirts when I was there? ? ?
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heh, I found the pig one too.
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is it possible to find these kinds of shirts for sale in the united states?
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Response by poster: YOU FOUND IT! Brilliant... I love my t-shirts. I bought them when I was living in Japan. Now to get some friends to ship me some over... Thanks a lot guys
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