The best Todo App for the Ipad.
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Best Todo App for GTD on the Ipad? Omnifocus? Nozbe? 2 do? (specifically for writing organization but general opinions welcome and appreciated.)

I've been researching ToDo apps for the ipad a lot the past few days. I'm recently impressed by GTD (getting things done) methods and I will definitely benefit from implementing it into my life. I realize a lot of ToDo applications aren't specifically GTD based but I found a few mentioned in the question that are.

I don't really need this to write down errands, or to remind me to pay bills. I do however want something that will help specifically with projects and allows me to break them down into smaller and smaller pieces so that I can take things one step at a time instead of getting overwhelmed by large projects.

I've been reading reviews and watching some video tutorials and so far Omnifocus, although expensive, is in the lead. I like the Project folders and flexibility it offers within that functionality. I think I am ready to buy it just based on this. Both Nozbe and 2Do seem too colorful, a bit crowded, and a bit distracting.

What are your opinions on these apps? I know about the different types of syncing and cloud functionality associated with all of these, as well as Nozbe's integration with Evernote (which I also use), as well as the different payment methods (subscription vs 1 time payment) so I'm looking for anything specific that can help me make a final decision on one of these or even one I haven't researched too much (pocket informant, toodledo etc.)

FYI-specifically I'll be using my GTF app for organizing work projects and other writing projects I have outside of work.
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Although I don't use an iPad, I use Omnifocus on my iPhone and it works really great for writing projects. I also use it for task management as well. Omnifocus now has a (beta) syncing server that works nicely with the Omnifocus OSX app.

If you are trying to organize writing you might want to also consider Scrivener - its helped me tremendously with writing and the new version of Scrivener can sync with Simplenote, which is a free app for iOS as well, so that you can write little snippets and sync them up with your Scrivener projects.

Of course, the way you manage your workflow must be something that works for you personally, but the above is the sort of stripped down app-centric way that I have been handing writing (I am a graduate student) lately. If you're writing fiction I hear Scrivener is even better for that than academic writing also...
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I really like Things and it's flexibility of due dates and allows you to tag items. I have tasks broken down into subtasks and it works really well for me. I also use the "Someday" folder for stuff I'm planning but don't have a specific timeline for.

It also wirelessly syncs with their desktop app.
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I just went through the same process, although my requirements are different than yours.

If you are Mac based, my vote would be for Omnifocus. It's expensive, but the desktop app and iPad/iPhone apps have a lot of nice features. With the new cloud sync service you should be good to go without any headaches. If they had a Windows client I would be using them.

FWIW, I ended up using a paid Toodledo account (needed the subtasks), with Todo on the Iphone, and SSB setups on Windows (using Chrome's application shortcut) and OS/X (using Fluid/Safari). I'm also using the various CSS addon scripts to get around Toodledo's clunky interface.

For the iPad, I haven't made up my mind between Todo and PocketInformant. PocketInformant has a really nice calendar integration, but it's crashy. Also, SmartPad just came out with Toodledo integration, it looks like a refined version of PocketInformant. If it supports all the features I need it may be a better choice than PocketInformant. From what I can see, it looks like it may also fit your needs.


Toodledo Forum on 3rd Party apps



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OmniFocus. It has the distinction of being the only application I've ever gladly paid for three times (once for Mac, then iPhone, then iPad. It syncs to each version beautifully over WebDAV and their own beta syncing service. It's infinity flexible to your own style of task management and the power user features are great.

Plus, it has a slid install base so you can find lots of help from others who are using it if you find yourself lost. Over the past two years, it has gotten much more refined so it's less intimidating to new users. You can make projects as large and small as you'd like and stagger tasks in whatever manner is easier for you work though. Notifications are unobtrusive and contexts are easy to filter though what you can do right now.
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Omnifocus Omnifocus Omnifocus. It's been my go-to-to-do for years now and the OS X and iPhone versions are good.

But the iPad has a killer feature: Review.

You know how in GTD you're supposed to do a weekly review? I never did it and would end up panickly going through my projects and folders spotily, worrying about what I might have forgotten to set a due date for. It really wasn't working.

With Omnifocus iPad Review, I sit down every two day and I breeze through every project I have (except those that I have set to a less often review time) and immediately regain that top-of-the-world, I'm-in-control feeling I had when I first did a brain dump into OF.

I'm sure Things and Toodledo and Nozbe and 2Do are all competitive on the basics, but that review feature—I've never seen anything else like it.
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I write a GTD app for the iPad. I've tried just about all the GTD iPad apps in the App Store. In my opinion, if you are looking specifically for a GTD solution, there are two standouts: OmniFocus and Action Lists. (Full disclosure: I am the author of Action Lists.)

OmniFocus is an established app with a good reputation in the GTD community and has the endorsement of the David Allen Company. It will do just about anything you might want: attach photos or voice memos, get help with your weekly review, or even get reminded to pick up milk as you drive buy the grocery store. All of these features add a level of complexity though, and that complexity is the main argument against OmniFocus. If you look around online, you'll also see comments about how expensive it is. My suggestion is to disregard the price issue—a good GTD tool that you trust will more than pay for itself. OF is also available on the iPhone and Mac, and your data can be synced between the different platforms.

Action Lists is also an app that focuses squarely on GTD. Everything about it is tailored to that system. The main distinguishing characteristic of Action Lists is that it tries to keep GTD easy. It has a pared down feature set that helps you focus on the essentials (actions, contexts, and projects) and get things done instead of fiddling with settings. Action Lists is also available on the iPhone, but not on the Mac. If you require desktop access, you can sync your data from Action Lists to Toodledo where you can access it via the web. Syncing to Toodledo also serves as a handy automatic backup of your data.

So, yes, I am undoubtedly biased, but I've tried to stay as evenhanded as possible. Both OmniFocus and Action Lists are great GTD apps, just with slightly different focuses. You'd be well-served with either.
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