Astrid replacement?
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Astrid (to-do list app) was bought by Yahoo and will be shut down soon. Please suggest a replacement app? More requirements inside.

Although Astrid is much more powerful, I only need these things:
- working on Android 2.3 (web version is optional)
- it has to work when the phone's offline (due to prohibitive data charges and subpar wifi coverage)
- either syncing to the cloud or having an automated local backup or something, whatever, to make me not worry about losing all my tasks
- bulletproof reminders/notifications (not getting lost after I exit the app or reset the phone - they should stay in the notification bar until I mark the task as complete or choose to "snooze" the reminder)
- recurring scheduled tasks (eg. "every second Tuesday")
- loosely scheduled tasks (eg. "January 2014", or no due date at all)
- free or one-time payment (no subscriptions)
- possibility to add chosen tasks to Google Calendar

That's about it. I like Astrid's cutesy motivational blurbs, so something with a similar vibe would be a plus. Of course, simplicity of use and absence of bugs are basic requirements. And yes, ability to import tasks from Astrid would be very nice.
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Been using it forever. On my phone right now, so pardon my brevity
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I like Abstarct Spoon's To Do List, but, in all fairness, I'm not sure if it meets all of your criteria. An Android version appears to be available here.
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Best answer: We did a comparison of a bunch of these at work, might help in your search.
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I use Producteev (and Trello) on iOS and desktop and love them. Producteev's Android app doesn't appear to support offline mode though, yet. Many people also really seem to like ToodleDo - I went with Producteev because the free version supports subtasks, which is a paid feature on TD.
posted by tra at 8:29 AM on July 6, 2013 comes highly recommended by the organizational app queen at my work.
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Easy to use. Cross platform. Reasonable subscription rate for pro-features. Very GTDy.
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Love love love Wunderlist. Used Astrid in the past but had issues syncing shared lists, so I switched and have never looked back. They've got apps for every device imaginable (even a dedicated Mac OS X app!) and a great web interface.
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Thanks for posting this question. I am so bummed out about Astrid shutting down!

I've tried Wunderlist and it's too much for me (I just want something basic)... I tried just Google's Tasks but there's no recurring ability. I've just downloaded but haven't tried it yet.
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I'd been getting used to before I found Astrid; right now it looks like that's what I'm going back to. (Wunderlist doesn't have start times for tasks; is elegant but underfeatured.)

It's a close-to-pure GTD implementation, which is nice, and the app is fairly polished but isn't too overdesigned. (One thing, though -- English is definitely not the first language of the dev team, and they could use a bit of help with the internationalization of various app messages.)

Bad: I had encountered some bugs with behavior of repeating tasks last year. Good: the developers were quite responsive and ultimately released a new version addressing the bug I was able to reproduce.
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Response by poster: For future reference: I tried out Wunderlist and, but found both lacking. I used to use in the past, but they made automatic syncing available only to paying users. So now I'm using TickTick, which is probably made by a one-person team, so I have no illusions about its longevity, but the Android app is simple, easy to use, with a very clean UI, but still has all the features I need.
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