Who is the brunette with pigtails in the Sonic Youth video "Bull in the Heather"?
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After reading the MeFi post "622 Music Videos (mixed media, mostly QT, many classics)" I re-discovered one of my favorite bands from back in the day: Sonic Youth. I know who everyone in the band is, but when I watched the video for "Bull in the Heather" I didn't remember who the brunette gal with the pigtails is/was/etc. and it's driving me crazy. Silly, yes, but still... Any ideas? I googled to find out, but apparently my GoogleFu is weak today.
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Kathleen Hanna.
posted by item at 10:58 AM on April 13, 2005

Excellent... thank you.
posted by crankydoodle at 11:09 AM on April 13, 2005

Apparently your "reading the entire thread"-fu is weak as well. The same question was asked and answered in the thread itself, so you actually linked to the correct answer in your question!
posted by Gortuk at 11:17 AM on April 13, 2005

Well, if crankydoodle hadn't posted this, I probably wouldn't have realized that I used to love the video for Bull in the Heather, and gone and checked it out. Now I'm spending the rest of the afternoon having flashbacks of being an awkward teenager.
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Gortuk: I read the post; the original post ... not the entire thread. Mea culpa.

patgas: I did the same thing yesterday. :)
posted by crankydoodle at 12:08 PM on April 13, 2005

When I googled for '"bull in the heather" video,' this page, on SY's site and including the correct information, was the second result. Then I left out the quotes, and it was still the second result.

Also, besides Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, Kathleen Hanna was in Julie Ruin, and she was rather publicly punched by Courtney Love.
posted by box at 12:08 PM on April 13, 2005

crankydoodle, if you're still obsessing about that video, check out Sonic Youth's Corporate Ghost DVD for commentary tracks by the band and Ms. Hanna.
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If this hadn't been posted I would never have realised the video was on that site, I had lost interest and hadn't scrolled far enough. :| And I've wanted to see this video for a while...thanks.
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hydrophonic: I'm gonna go buy the DVD as soon as I can. I went through my old CDs tonight and found "Daydream Nation" and "Goo".

fire&wings: Glad to be of service.

box: I think I was over-thinking the Google query and used an overly complicated query. Simple queries are often the best. :) But I'm glad I posted this since others either missed the link and/or didn't catch the video the first time around.
posted by crankydoodle at 12:37 AM on April 14, 2005

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