Good frozen egg rolls?
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Do you have a favorite frozen egg roll?

I'm looking for something on-par with my local Chinese restaurant, but something that I don't actually have to deep-fry to prepare. It should be crispy on the outside when cooked. It can have any filling, I'm an equal opportunity egg roll consumer.

Money is no object, but it must be obtainable in Chicago.
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Meg, I buy a brand of frozen egg rolls at Jewel here. I think they are called "Paragon" or "Patagonia" or something like that. They come 4 to a box, and have vegetarian or pork filling. They are microwaveable or oven-toast-able. Out of the micro, they are a little soggy buy very tasty.
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Trader Joe's is a great place for microwave/skillet/pan saute type chinese food.

there's apparently two locations in chicago.

trader joe's is great for a lot of things, actually. I'd say it's just about EVERYONE'S FAVORITE DISCOUNT GOURMET GROCERY.

pretty much.
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Second for Trader Joe's. Their frozen wares are usually top-notch, and I've had the egg rolls a number of times.

If you don't mind "fresh" egg rolls, though, they've got some in the refrigerator cases around here, though I don't know the brand. They come in a tray of 4 with 4 packets of duck sauce. The label is somewhat red. They are delicious.
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Third for Trader Joes. We have their vegetable egg rolls in the freezer right now and I am going to strongly suggest that we eat them TONIGHT!
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No Trader Joe's near me, so I'll second Paragon. Best of our of the oven, if microwaved you can place them on a baking sheet under the broiler for a few minutes per side and they crisp right up (watch 'em though, or you'll have blackened egg rolls!). I can only vouch for the vegetarian version. They also make a cream-cheese only stuffed wontons (veg as well) but can't find those around here. :(
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We get egg rolls in bulk from my in-laws and freeze them. At one time, they got them from an asian church -- I suppose it was some sort of recurring fund raiser -- but now I think they know a woman that will make 100 for $50 or something like that.

We warm them in the oven and they are very crispy and almost as good as fresh.

See if your favorite restaurant won't make them for you in bulk. Or ask them if they know someone who will.
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