We just want to have a three-way on video (chat)...
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Free three-way video chat that isn't a Flash-driven video chat website?

Two friends of mine and I would like to be able to all video chat at once. We Skype with each other individually on a regular basis, and rarely have issues with that, but can't seem to get any of the free online options we've tried (Meebo, Toxbox, Tinychat, I think there were more) to work reliably. The problem seems to be camera compatibility -- and these issues haven't been resolved through reboots, restarting browsers, reloading websites, reinstalling Flash, et cetera.

Two of us are Mac users (10.5.8 and 10.6.5) and the other one is a PC user (Vista). We are all young and generally underemployed, so solutions that cost money aren't really an option.

Is there anything we're missing? Obviously the ideal solution would be getting all of our webcams and microphones to work on the same website all at once, but there has to be some free non-flash-website option.

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You can get one month of free group video confs if you are all using the latest beta of skype (which is a horrifically poor upgrade on the mac side of things, I warn you in advance).
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Isn't this standard for your better open source SIP clients? OpenLaszlo looks pretty polished. Or you want a web based client that doesn't use Flash?
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