Other than an iSight, what would you buy?
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What USB2/FireWire video camera would you get for an iBook whose owner wants to video chat?

Now that Apple's iSight is out of production, and the units are selling for up to $200 at eBay, I'm looking for the 'next best thing' for a client of mine. Ideally it would perch at the top of her iBook G4 (14-inch screen, if that matters) and be completely compatible with iChat video conferencing. Their ideal budget is $50 or less, but could go higher for an especially strong contender. Connection must be USB2 or FireWire.
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The MacAlly IceCam works well although it might require the iChat USBCam drivers (available for half price if you put in the IceCam serial number).

The Icecam is $29 on Amazon, and the driver software is $5.
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I just bought the Ecamm iMage webcam from Amazon for about $60. (amazon link included for reviews). It's in stock here at the ecamm site.

I also use it with a 14" iBook G4. I find the picture clarity is pretty good considering it's *not* the iSight. I've never used it with ichat (I use skype), but the website for the cam says it should be fully compatible/useable/work awesomely.
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I couldn't recommend the IceCam (for one thing, it's USB 1.1). I have it, and after using it for a month or 2, I can't imagine that there isn't something better out there. It worked OK with iChat, but Yahoo was always locking up. The frame rate is also pretty low.

The iSight is the only other cam I've used, and it was quite a bit better.
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Would your iBook owner happen to also own a mini-DV camera? Just about all of those have Firewire connections and can, in a pinch, work as a fully iChat-compatible webcam.
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Response by poster: Thorzdad: good idea, you and my wife had the same idea. They don't have a DVcam. I checked out the Ecamm iMage, and it looks like it will do the trick.

If there are other recommendations though, I'm all ears.
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FYI: As of 10.4.8 almost all usb webcams are native support under OS X, including the ones listed above. For the price, the ecamm is the best for the dollar, and I've tested it personally and reccomended it to clients who have been happy with it.
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