Aliens hunting you down with nowhere to run?
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Name that book! Trapped in a museum(?). Hunted by aliens(?). Unable to leave due to some type of force field or collars.

I read a book a number of years ago with the general plotline of a number of individuals being trapped in a museum (or some large institution, perhaps a library), unable to escape from the aliens (I think) who were hunting them for sport due to some type of force field or perhaps collars that the humans wore.

People on the outside of the museum/structure were unable to get inside, and I think one person may have escaped through an underground tunnel?

It's not "Relic" by Lincoln and Child, though the feel of it is very similar (as I recall, though it's been quite a few years since I read it).

Thanks, Mefi!
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Best answer: Could it be Contest by Matthew Reilly?
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Response by poster: Bless you! I'm off to find a copy and read it tonight!
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A different book, but one which I think you might enjoy based on the description of Contest, is Pyramid Scheme.
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