NYC NYE party with grime and soul?
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hi, looking for a party with this (is that grime?) and some soul music for me lady (and me), in NY Brooklyn preferably. & while we I are dreaming, in walking distance of south park slope (ha, likely I know)..and cheeeeaaaaap.. any suggestions? thanks, cc
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I think I can satisfy most of your requirements. A variety of music including electronica & jazz. Sunset Park, which isn't far from South Park Slope. Not super cheap but it is a last minute request. Check your MeMail for details.
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^If scalefree's party (Winkel & Baltik?) doesn't work out, you could always try Rubulad, which is being thrown in Bushwick. Check your MeMail for details. Not cheap, but nothing is on NYE in NYC. For that, you've gotta go out on an ordinary night!
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Response by poster: rubulauds always busted! and small change doesn't show up until 7am on january 3rd!

(i'm such an insider....heh, and on that note tuesdays are the best, or drinking alone! whee)
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Response by poster: ok, next/slightly unrelated follow up: who are some other producers making music like ginz & joker & kool money kwame?
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