Dreaming of a white vasemas
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Amazing white vases I saw online last week. Where did they go?

One of the many, pathetically many, design blogs I read had a link last week to some beautiful, fairly pricey (like $200-$600) classic white vases. Some had frills at the lip at the vase and I know there was a tulip vase with several openings. Maybe they were handmade by a woman who was profiled as part of the blog post.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? I've searched all the blogs I normally read, icerocket, and my history, but I can't find them again. Maybe I dreamed them?
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What were they made of, do you recall?
posted by iconomy at 5:43 PM on December 27, 2010

Sara Paloma?
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Do you ever flip through Martha Stewart Living? I HATE THAT I KNOW THIS BUT I DO. The most recent issue has a bunch of pages with flower arrangements in pretty, plain white vases. The vases were kind of expensive. Also featured a special tulip vase which looked kind of like a hand, where each finger was a vase.

I looked online but wasn't able to find the article. Unless someone posted scanned pages (which I wasn't able to find) this would have been something you'd only find in the printed magazine.
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Response by poster: Iconomy, They were made of ceramic.
Judith, those aren't them but I apprecate the link, they're very pretty. These vases were more classically shaped, not necessarily bud vases, some had wide openings for very large arrangements.
ErikaB, oh yes, I do love MS, I'm not gonna lie. But no, that wasn't it.
Thanks for the help guys, I'm thinking maybe I dreamed these vases after all. So weird that they don't show up anywhere in any of my online histories.
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perhaps Johnathon Adler?
there was an article on the msn site with last minutes gifts,
lots of items were from his collection
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Response by poster: Thanks Jennstra. I actually gave a couple of JA vases this year, they're great. These were more delicate and less mid-century modern.
My wife had cleared the history on our home PC so I couldn't find out what she got me for Christmas. So at least that part of the mystery is solved. Maybe one day in my designwhore internet perambulations I'll find them again. If so, I'll post the link here.
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