Looking for centerpiece in this pic
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my wife would like a centerpiece like in the attached pic and i wanted to get it for her for xmas. however, i can't find one like it anywhere (local or online) and i used all my google search term combos to no avail. has anyone seen anything like this or does anyone know where online i could order something similar?
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Response by poster: http://jeff.stottsan.net/centerpiece.jpeg
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It's unclear if you're talking about the vase and rack structure, the flowers, or the whole thing, but here's this: The host of the Thanksgiving dinner I went to had a really pretty flower centerpiece custom made at Whole Foods. She said she knew exactly what she wanted, took her ideas in, and they worked with her to get just the right centerpiece.

If you're looking for just the vase setup, you might have luck finding something similar at World Market.
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Have you tried Googling "test tube vases"? You can find them on Amazon as well :)
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Response by poster: i am mainly interested in the bronze-looking structure that the glass vases are situated in. i think it will be easy enough to find the glass to fit in there, but the multi-vase holder is the problem. i will def. check amazon though thank you.
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Not exact matches, but there's this and this at Urban Outfitters, this at JC Penney (which only has two bottles), and this thing with test tubes and, uh, hinges.
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Perhaps something like this, where you could replace the votive glasses with taller glasses for the flowers.
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Where's the picture from? If it's a magazine, there should be at least a photo credit, and maybe a product listing somewhere. TinEye brings up no results.
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BTW those are gerbera daisies and greens in the pic. Any competent florist will be able to give you that look easily once you find the bronze rack.

I do have a suggestion-go to a florist near you and see if they have anything in their wholesale books like this-they may be able to order it for you.
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BedBathandBeyond and other home decor places should have options like that (look for "candle holder" or "linear candle holder", then just replace the candles/votives with vases). Here's one that approximates the look, although it's got more happening on the sides than the one you linked to.

Target also has something similar.
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