Diet soda pop with Splenda
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Looking forward to a low-carb diet after the holiday excess, and wondering about aspartame use during the induction phase. Looking for diet soda in USA with Splenda/sucralose instead.

I've heard that a significant percent of folks have problems getiing ketosis going if they consume any aspartame, so in order to avoid it I'm looking for diet pop recommendations which are formulated with Splenda/sucralose. Current experiences please, as the bottlers frequently reformulate their beverages! Thanks.
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There are still some places selling Diet Coke with Splenda, though it's harder to find. My supermarket still has it pretty regularly.
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I started the Low-Carb Atkins diet 2 weeks and 4 days ago. I did not read his book (again) until I was already a week and a half in. I drink 5 cans of Diet Coke a day. Turns out with aspartame. I had no problem getting into the induction phase ketosis. Down 13 pounds already!! I did go buy a sh*t load of seltzer. I loves me some carbonation.
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Why don't you cut soda out of your diet altogether for a month or so? Or you can make your own with a little bit of club soda and lemon and your sugar substitute of choice.
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Hansen's Diet sodas are sucralose based. Well, the can in my fridge is. Their Diet Cola is very good, the other flavors I find merely good.
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It's the citric acid in many diet drinks, not any particular artificial sweetener, that messes with ketosis. Or at least, that's what the Cambridge Diet people say.
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I am restarting my Low Carb diet as of Monday. I have no problem with Aspartame upsetting my diet, it varies per person.

Diet Rite is made with a blend of Splenda and other no-cal sweeteners and comes in Cola, Tangerine, Raspberry, & Grape and apparently new flavors, including Cherry Cola are coming out soon. Diet Rite fruit sodas are harder to find. I know they make a fruit punch, but I've never seen it in the wild. Grape & Tangerine are the most popular and available just about everywhere in 12pk cans and 2 liters.

Please note that Diet Rite is made by RC cola and if you don't like RC cola, you won't like the flavor of Diet Rite cola. There is also Diet RC which is made with nothing but Splenda but is harder to find.

Hansen's diet sodas are made with splenda and very very good. I used to work in Health Foods and this caused some problems way back when because they got up in arms when I brought it into the store as it's an "Artificial Sweetener". Needless to say, they sold very well and they clammed up. I'm very partial to the root beer and ginger ale.

My suggestion would be to cut your diet soda out completely for the first week of inductions and then add it back in during the second week. If you stall out, then don't drink soda. If you lose weight with no problem, drink to your heart's content.

If you want a really good treat to cut that sugar craving at some point, I like to take ice cold heavy cream & a little splenda, mix it together and then top a diet root beer with it. A perfect root beer float with nearly no carbs.

Best of luck!
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The Sodastream diet flavor mixes use Splenda rather than aspartame. You could just mix them with regular plain soda rather than buying the whole Sodastream kit. They used to be hard to find, but they seem to be everywhere now.
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Zevia is the best diet soda I've ever had, bar none.
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Boylan's diet sodas are made with sucralose and are absolutely delicious. I'm partial to the black cherry.
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Pepsi One is made with Splenda.
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Look for the "newer" diet drinks like Coke Zero that contain Acesulfame potassium. They may also contain aspartame, but they work synergistically and there is less of both of them. Tastes more natural, too.
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Schweppes ginger ale, orange Crush, and Crush cream soda are all available in diet form and are sweetened with a Splenda-acesulfame K combo. These are available in Canada - not sure about the US.
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Just a tip that dark caramel containing sodas like colas and root beer tend to taste "funky" when sweetened with Splenda. Citrus sodas tend to work much better from a flavor standpoint with Splenda.
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late but another suggestion for posterity - the Waist Watchers brand is aspartame free.
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