Find someone to make me a Santa tree topper
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Where can I find someone to make me a stained glass/shell Santa tree topper?

Ok so every year my mother brings out her Santa tree topper, which while a treasure, is seriously falling apart. From what I can tell it is made of a shell like material, maybe some kind of composite, that is painted to look like stained glass. I want to find someone to make a new one to give to her next year, doesn't have to be exactly like it or made of the same materials but obviously cant be so heavy that the tree falls over. Here is a picture of the front here is the inside(its two layers with lights in between and here is the back. I have tried a couple people on etsy and they all said no way. Price is no object, I just need to know who can do this kind of work. Thanks.
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Someone on etsy is selling a different design of very similar-looking construction, attributed to the "Kurt Adler Co. of NY."
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Whoops, sorry, it's sold, but the listing might still be helpful for research.
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You mentioned that you have asked a few artists on Etsy but have you tried Alchemy on Etsy? I imagine that someone would see it and be able to recreate it for you.
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Response by poster: The etsy listing looks almost certainly like the same maker. Thanks for the link!
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Here is the Kurt Adler website, with all the items that have capiz shells.
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