LG Cosmos cellphone manual sucks.
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I just got the LG Cosmos on Verizon (not the LG Cosmos Touch), and the booklet it comes with is nearly useless. Anyone else have this phone? Help?

I like the phone very much, and it suits all my needs from what I know about it so far, but the packet of "how to use your phone" that came with it is just flat-out pitiful.

I found this user's guide (pdf file), posted on March 27th, that seems to have been created by a frustrated customer(?) which is somewhat helpful.
Are you looking for user manual / guide for your LG Cosmos? So far LG official has not made a user manual/guide for the Verizon LG Cosmos. However, we fortunately found that Verizon Wireless made the user manual/guide himself for the LG Cosmos.
I'm not sure why it refers to Verizon Wireless is a "him," but whatever.

Even at 141 pages, though, it doesn't address all of the features that the phone must have (things like "how do you find the text message history of someone you've had a text-message conversation with? Only their most recent message shows up when you go to text messaging").

Does anyone have this phone who has figured out the you-think-it-would-be-obvious features, and who would be willing to contact me via MeMail to help me out? Or, has anyone found a detailed manual for this phone?

Please don't suggest "Just get a better phone!". This one was free, thanks to my "you've got the option to upgrade your phone at an awesome price," and I don't have the money to upgrade to a "better" phone (besides, I've had a smartphone for years on my regular plan, and now Verizon won't let you upgrade to to a smartphone unless you upgrade your plan at least $15 per month for a data package, which I don't need).
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I have this phone. I got it in October and I'm still figuring things out.

For the text message thing: The person stays in your list and all their messages are listed starting with the most recent, like a really long conversation. If you delete that you lose all the messages. It's kind of a PITA. You have to go into the conversation and delete only the messages you don't want. I've gotten in the habit of erasing right away so it doesn't back up.
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Response by poster: I don't understand how a company can release a phone without any real instructions. You even have to press two different buttons to get the thing to start.

I hope more people have some information.
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I have the LG Cosmos. To answer your question about viewing text message history: When you get to the message screen that shows only the first message for a given person, click the "OK" button (it coincides with the "Open" option on the screen). That will give you a screen with a scrollable list of your message history (but it will only show the first few words of each message). Just click "OK" again to open the first message and then you can use the directional buttons (each side of the clickable circle that surrounds the "OK" button) to move back and forth through your "conversation" (it will show all of your messages with that particular person, both sent and received, as long as you haven't deleted any of them).
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