Food at Christmas in Palma??
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Mallorca filter: I have booked three days on my own in a hotel just outside Palma for the 24, 25 and 26th December - but only bed and breakfast. (Been to Palma once before in winter so roughly know my way around) Can anyone tell me for sure what if any (kind of) shops, supermarkets and/or cafes are likely to be open over Xmas - basically will I be able to feed myself there (don't care at all what I eat) or should I make sure to pack three days of tea and biscuits?
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I spent xmas and news years there in '86 and I seem to remember all the bars and restaurants being open. It's a very popular place for English to vacation for at that time of year so I think you'll be fine for places to eat and things to do.
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What do you mean just outside Palma? Arenal ? Peguera? It helps to know where.
Spanish celebrate noche buena the eve of Christmas.
Many bars + Restaurants are closed from late afternoon on 24th. Shortly after midnight lots of clubs and some cafes are open.
Remember you can get something to eat in just about every bar in Spain. Pa'mboli, Tortilla, tapas, bocadillos etc. Fast food will be open as per the norm.
Helps to know where you are going to be staying. Will you have transport?
On arrival see if you can get a copy of the English rag the Daily Bulletin, there will be adverts for Xmas lunch if you feel like joining groups of expatriate lost souls and drunks!
There is also a German bi weekly? which I would expect to have the same sort of info. There is a news kiosk as you leave arrivals just before you leave the terminal.
Post some more info and I will follow up.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the info so far! Will be in Can Pastilla, just at the end of the runway! No transport unless I can hire a bike, in which case can cycle along the seafront into town. I'll definitely pick up those listings mags. I got the impression from the interwebs that the only thing open all week was the cathedral!
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if it interests you The canto de Sibila is now a UNESCO treasure. It is only sung at Christmas. Midnight in the cathedral tomorrow 24 and the other I know of is the Church in Plaza Santa Eulalia on the 26th about 1930 hrs. Both have a mediaeval vibe.
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Response by poster: ooh LOVELY!
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I don't know if they will be open, but there is a great "chain" of cafes called Cappuccino.
There are a handful of them in different places throughout Palma. Each one I went to was beautiful, in wonderfully old, architecturally interesting places, and the food/cafe con leche was great too.
I agree with the others that the cathedral is not to be missed too. Have a great trip!
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