Searching for a gym bag/purse
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After years of fruitless searching for the ideal bag that doubles as gym bag and handbag/purse...

I go to the gym regularly before work, and despite years of searching, have not yet found the perfect bag that will accommodate my gym clothes plus the other things that I need to carry, all in a convenient format for subway commuting.

My dream bag would be a NON-backpack and have some sort of vertical division, so that via a bottom access, I could store my gym clothes out of the way of the main compartment where I would keep the rest of the items that I need for the day (lunch, magazine, wallet, etc). I have tried (and have currently fallen back on) the 2-bag tactic, with a separate gym bag and purse, but it drives me crazy to be juggling all that on the subway/bus, especially when also juggling my D&D coffee and a magazine.

I came across this bag from Lug and it is almost perfect... just too big and quilted for my tastes. I am in love with the shoe compartment (in the middle photo). Are there any other similarly featured bags out there?
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The first thing that came to mind was Sherpani: girl-centric but active/fitness-centric bags and luggage.
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I can't really recommend anything else, BUT I have to say that I LOVE the Lug bag. I've had one for over a year and a half, and it's just fantastic. Bonus is that there's an exterior pocket for magazine-type things, and the small pockets fit keys and/or gym locks. It's big, but I find I use all the space when I include my gym clothes and my toiletries. I also use it for weekend trips.
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You could post your question on Etsy Alchemy and see what happens...

I always get great responses for my more custom desires.
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I've currently got this bag in dark grey, and I loooooove it. It doesn't exactly meet your vertical separation requirements, but the pockets around the perimeter might do the trick. You can store your purse-ly items in these pockets, and your gym goods in the main center section.
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My current tactic is to use this big, semi-professional looking tote-bag sized bag, then put gym stuff in one of those nice reusable grocery bags inside the tote bag. It's not perfect, but it sort of solves the problem. (I reduce the total amount schlepped by wearing the same sneakers in the gym as I do to walk to and from work, keeping my "nice" shoes in the office.)
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Look into messenger bags: Timbuk2, Seagull and the like. They can put in the sewn in compartment in the middle generally, and that gives you your nice dividers.

Otherwise, I think you should look into brands like Keen, Overland Equipment and the like, or look specifically for bags marketed as yoga bags, which are often more stylish, but have the compartments inside for clothes and such.
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Would this bag work? It has a separate "stinky" compartment for shoes and clothes, and inside it has an elastic pocket for further separation. I've seen bags like you're interested in with the bottom pocket at luggage stores. But my searching is failing me now.
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Lululemon has a Bon Voyage Duffel claims to have an interior mesh shoe pocket.
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If you can get over the quiliting, there's a Mini Puddle Jumper that's a tad smaller (13.5" x 11" x 6" vs 15.5" x 14.5" x 7").
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