Keeping delicious/pinboard/diigo in sync. Ideas?
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Delicious, Pinboard, Diigo - can I keep everyone in sync?

Yeah, with the delicious/yahoo fiasco this week, like everyone else here, I'm CYA with another service. Thing is? I really like delicious - especially searching via tags, etc.

Is there a way for me to use a single bookmarking tool and keep all three services in sync?

Or is there a setting (or another service) that will do this for me? I don't care which services I use - merely that I could lookup my bookmarks on any/all of them.
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Pinboard is able to import bookmarks from Delicious. Diigo has two-way syncronization with Delicious. So, you could set up all three and have anything you bookmark with Delicious or Diigo copied to all three services. (It wouldn't work when adding bookmarks to Pinboard, as it doesn't sync back to Delicious as far as I can tell).
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Pinboard also has a setting to sync with Delicious, so I am still bookmarking on Delicious and backing up by syncing elsewhere.
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A) I read that yahoo was looking to sell delicious to keep it operational...but B) google bookmarks is pretty can export from delicious, and import to gbookmarks...there's even a bookmarklet that will do it without installing the google toolbar.
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Response by poster: Ugh. I think I can bookmark in diigo and have it automatically share with delicious; then I can have pinboard mirror delicious.

What I really want is either a client that bookmarks to all three...
Or to be able to use delicious or pinboard as well as diigo.

I have a feeling I'll probablys top using diigo; because I'm comfortable with the way I use delicious.
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