Muppet prop poster replica. My wall. Help me make it happen.
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How can I get a copy of this awesome poster from Of Muppets & Men?

At minute 6:54 in the 4th part of this fantastic 1981 documentary Of Muppets and Men (A+, highly recommended viewing), there's a poster shown for "Muppet Variety Acts," which bills Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, The Great Gonzo, The Frog Chorus, and Dancing Chickens.

I'm in love with this thing, but it doesn't seem to have been something that was ever sold. How can I get one? Ebay turns up blank. Where else can I turn? I'm aware of Etsy Alchemy requests, but does this run afoul of their copyright policy? I don't want to get a crafter in trouble, but since the poster is entirely a lettering job, I feel like it might be less of an issue. MeFites, help me make this happen (or tell me if I'm deluding myself).
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Best answer: here's a direct link to the timestamp in the video.

do you live near a university? i'd ask around the graphic art department - sort of the local version of the etsy alchemy boards.
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Best answer: Here is a quick paste-together of three frames of the video. (I think I may have pasted Dr. Teeth slightly lower than they were on the original.) Because of where the video cuts, there may be more to the poster than what we can see.

This thread seems to be the only hit on google for "Muppet Variety Acts", so I think you are right in thinking that this was never a commercial product.
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