It's Christmas in Las Vegas
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So long, sentimentality -- I'm doing Christmas in Las Vegas this year. To that end I am researching places to have dinner on Christmas Day, maybe something traditional-ish and medium-high in price. Any suggestions? Are most restaurants open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Will I need reservations? Lay your holiday Vegas anecdotes on me!
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I've been in Las Vegas on Christmas and absolutely nothing was closed except the post office. At least in the greater Strip area.

Go to Bouchon at the Venetian. It's open, per Open Table.
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Being Asian, I've spent many a Christmas in Vegas with my family who understands that it's a day to spend together but hasn't yet figured out that it's usually celebrated in places that don't have names like "Sin City." That said, Christmas in Vegas isn't too bad. As was mentioned previously, nearly everything will be open, and it's still on the tail-end of low season so it's easy to get reservations.

I actually called Bouchon this past weekend to make a Christmas reservation. Still a lot of space. They're on OpenTable, but you need to call for larger groups.

Another place I considered was Aureole at Mandalay Bay. Not quite traditional, but has $50 gift certificates that can often be purchased for about $5. Unbeatable deal for a Michelin-starred restaurant. They're also on OpenTable and have plenty of availability.
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OMG - Why did I not think of this? I've done Christmas in many non-traditional ways/places but I never once thought about Vegas and it suddenly sounds spectacularly awful or awfully spectacular.

Also - I agree, I enjoyed Bouchon. But if I do manage to do this I'm totally going to Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. Nothing special, but I do love Tapas.

If I was going with someone (and I still ate meat) I would probably go to Alize again. I've been a couple of times and they never disappoint. The service is excellent, the menu is divine, the wine (and all of their booze) is top notch. And the view? Can't be beat. It looks like they have open tables for all but 7pm. Do prepare to be set back a couple bills. More so if you like nice Cognac and Armagnac. I've never, personally, seen a bigger bar bill than the one expended several years ago after many a pour of some of their best spirits.
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Bouchon is definitely excellent. The braised short ribs at Craftsteak in the MGM were unspeakably good.
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Buffet lines are CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY long on holidays, so definitely don't do that.

Get a reservation wherever you want to go. A lot of Vegas locals go out to dinner too on holidays (since almost none of us are from here, so many of us are celebrating without our families) so the restaurants that are open are packed.
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Thanks so much for the advice, everyone. I had heard a lot about Bouchon before making this thread, and since just about every person mentioned it I think I have a winner. I will make a reservation today!
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