Yitkadal Veyitkadash Shemei Rabbah
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Does anybody know of a good, oft-updated podcast of sung Jewish prayer? I just subscribed to a choral Episcopalian podcast, but I'd like to have one of nice Jewish songs to complement it, as that's what I grew up with.

Additionally, if anybody has any particularly brilliant choral Jewish albums, recommend me those. While right now the goal is a podcast, I'd not mind a good album if you've got one.
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For anyone who is interested in the lovely Compline Choir podcast Rory mentioned above, click here.
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Best answer: The most interesting thing going these days is the Nigun Project, but I'm not sure how often it is updated (if at all). Definitely keep an eye on Jeremiah Lockwood (the featured vocalist at that link and leader of the terrific band The Sway Machinery). He was recently awarded a generous fellowship to do exactly the kind of thing you're talking about.

If the goal is to teach yourself facility in leading (or understanding) Jewish liturgical chant, you can't do much better than Virtual Cantor or the music archives at the Minyan Project administered by Mechon Hadar.

Finally, if in fact a CD will do the trick, there are plenty to choose from at this site. I'd be happy to offer a few recommendations if you'd like.

בהצלחה (Good luck!)
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