Best Digital Photo Frame? Help me find a suitable frame for my parents Christmas gift.
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Best Digital Photo Frame? Help me find a suitable frame for my parents Christmas gift.

A few years ago I bought a digital photo frame as a gift for my parents for Christmas. Since it was a huge hit I'd like to repeat the gift this year with an upgraded model since I've had most of our family photo archive digitalized over the past few years. (The previous one is small 7" frame that has been having problems lately.)

My biggest concern is finding something that can handle lots of photos. I have over a 1000 photos (so far) that I'd like the frame to shuffle through. I've been reading through a lot of reviews on Amazon and found that some frames have a photo limit.

I'd ideally like a frame that:
- Has a large screen size. I've been looking at 15" ones. The smallest size I'd go down to is a 12"
- Can shuffle through a large amount of photos on an external card
- Has a timer for auto on/off at predefined times of the day

What I don't care about is:
- Internet connections options (no internet at my parents house)
- Video. If it can handle video clips, thats a bonus but not a must.

This is my top choice so far...but I'm open to suggestions and/or opinions!
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I've been very happy with our Pandigital 7". Good screen, great price, decent functionality (it'll do video), though I don't think it does auto on/off. I also really like that it's a simple black frame without a logo plastered across it like so many other brands. No idea how their quality scales up to the 12"-15" models.
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Sony DPF series? They do everything you want and my parents and I have been very happy with ours. Only downside might be that the larger sizes add silly things like wifi, so check on the website.
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Out of interest, I looked at the Sony website and the good news is that they have a "simplicity" series which doesn't bolt on pointless functionality (like video playback, HDMI output, WiFi and image manipulation) onto something which is primarily designed to sit in the corner of your room and display pictures.

The bad news is that the biggest one they do is the DPF-D92 which is only 9 inches.

I would try and find somewhere which sells the one you are considering, bring in your own SD card and try it out. I went to the nearest high street and found that the difference in picture and hardware quality was quite substantial and the cheaper frames often looked and felt really rather nasty.

Maybe I'm anal, but if something is going to sit on the table in the lounge then I would like it to not look like I picked it up for £5 at a tat bazaar.
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