Help identifying a painting.
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Need some help identifying a painting. Might be an artist from the Seattle area.

No signature, but there is an ink stamp on the frame from Daniel Smith Artists Materials in Seattle Wa. Oil on canvas. Looks to be maybe 20 years old. Anyone recognize the artist? Thanks!
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It might be signed more subtly than you expect.

Examine the lower right dark area with sequential, different monochromatic lights, like LED Photon lights of different colors. It can greatly improve the contrast of a subtle signature.

That is, search for the signature in a darkened room using first a red LED light, then a green LED light, then a blue one, and then a yellow one. Check it under ultraviolet, too.
posted by the Real Dan at 2:12 PM on December 10, 2010

Could the sig be covered by the frame?
posted by Mr. Yuck at 2:14 PM on December 10, 2010

Response by poster: Mr. Yuck - Took it out of the frame. No sig.

the Real Dan - Have a friend with the various LED lights. Will take to his house tomorrow and double check.
posted by Bighappyfunhouse at 2:20 PM on December 10, 2010

What's the person in the background (left side) doing?
posted by iconomy at 4:26 PM on December 10, 2010

Be sure you look at the back of the painting under different light as well. I know a fine artist down the hall from me who signs his paintings in odd and sometimes unseen ways on the back of the canvas.
posted by Tchad at 5:14 PM on December 10, 2010

Response by poster: iconomy - the person on the left appears to be the bartender/waiter
posted by Bighappyfunhouse at 5:36 PM on December 10, 2010

Response by poster: Painting checked with multiple LED lights - black light. No signature.
posted by Bighappyfunhouse at 4:47 PM on December 12, 2010

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