Are there any scriptable digital picture frames?
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Hey Metafilter electronic hardware folks: I want to set up a digital picture frame that I can control via software on a Linux desktop to toggle between two different images on command. What should I buy?

Everything other than the basic idea is flexible: I want to hang a digital picture frame on my wall, and I want to control it via software so that I can run a program on my computer that will switch it from displaying one image to displaying another. I will know the images I want to switch between beforehand, so I just need to be able to send the frame a switch instruction (though I could certainly transmit the entire picture every time I switch if that makes things easier). I can connect the frame to the computer via USB or a network connection. There will be reliable access to wireless networking if that helps. I could probably even get the frame its own static IP address if that turned out to be what I needed.

My problem is that I know nothing about digital picture frames, so I don't really know what's out there that might do what I want, and product sheets for frames aren't much help for figuring out whether they'll work for my purposes. So, Mefi, what's out there that will do what I want? I'd prefer not to spend more than about $100, and I don't care about how much storage space the frame has (realistically I won't ever be storing more than a few pictures on it). Any ideas?
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Can't hang a Chumby on the wall, and it's a little small, but mine has been totally satisfying me as a picture frame. It will talk WiFi and just pull whatever kind of photostream you like - Flickr tags/user, some CGI you control, whatever you like. And it streams audio, can display a game of Life as a picture, play Flash games...sheesh - I don't mean to sound so Pepsi Blue about it. But it's been a great little gizmo.

The screen is small though - probably a little too much so to be a real feature of a room I guess.
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Well, you need to have access to the software inside the digital frame to switch the picture them. That may not be easy.

I think your best shot is to use an old laptop (or buy one at ebay) and turn it into one.
People have done that - just google "digital frame linux" ...
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Since you will be displaying the images directly from a computer, just use a monitor. You can get a slightly used 15" LCD in that price range.
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Long-shot but might help: If what you want is really only to switch it from your computer desk, rather than necessarily using your computer, almost all digital frames come with a remote control that will do this from a distance.
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I've been looking for an internet-addressable picture frame forever. Just give me an IP address and Linux, dammit.

No luck yet. I've resorted to cannibalizing cheap laptops, which is silly and wasteful.
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There was a laptop-based Instructable posted yesterday that might give you some ideas.
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