Death by fat stunt falls minibike attempt
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What happened to the Mccrary twin (of the Guinness world's fattest twins who ride the bikes together) in the Niagara Falls mini-bike accident? He died there, but I'm unable to find anything about how, what or why. Was he trying to jump the falls in a minibike?
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Best answer: Can't find anything except the GBWR official wording that he died of heart failure after falling from his minibike.

I sincerely doubt that the physics involved would have conceivably been anywhere near a falls jump, and had there been such an attempt -- just 5 years after Evel Knievel's failed Snake River Canyon jump -- the publicity would have been tremendous.

Sounds to me like their career was basically traveling from city to city and making like Shriners on the minibikes.
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Perhaps they were visiting the Museum of Niagara Falls? IIRC there is some assotiation with Guinness.
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