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emailing a book / doc to my kindle... my android phone that is

I have a droid incredible with the kindle app. I also just joined a service called that provides book summaries. One feature is it will send it to your kindle via your "kindle email".

Does this feature of a "kindle email" address work for android phones using the app? I went through the "manage your kindle" site and can't find where to edit/add a address for my phone. I found where to put in the email addresses that I want to allow to send me content.

Any help you can offer?
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AFAIK, although I can't seem to find anything official that says this, you only get a Kindle email address when you register an actual Kindle - you have to enter in the Kindle's serial number to set up the email address.

It looks like can also send in .pdb format (Palm and Blackberry), so you should, theoretically at least, be able to do what you want using Calibre and Wordplayer.
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