Seeing like an insect?
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What examples of film, theater, or other art attempt to approximate the experience of seeing like an insect? Or like another animal? I feel like i have seen film-makers attempt to simulate the experience of having a compound eye. Perhaps in The Fly? Any leads would be most appreciated.
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I know in the X-files episode with cockroaches, there's a part where Mulder picks up a cockroach and looks at it and it shows the cockroach's point of view. I don't remember if they did anything to represent the compound-eye, but it's possible.
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or other art

If you count literature, the Arthurian classic Once and future King. Merlin turns Arthur into many animals to teach him wisdom. We the reader are "seeing" thru those eyes.

Merlin, knowing the boy's destiny, teaches Arthur what it means to be a good king by turning him into various kinds of animals: fish, hawk, ant, goose, and badger. Each of the transformations is meant to teach Wart a lesson, which will prepare him for his future life.
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In an episode of The Simpsons there is a scene from their pet dog's point of view. Both sound and sight.
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The film Microcosmos is devoted entirely to the bug's eye view of the world.
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the film "Beastmaster" has some animal viewpoint scenes (I think I remember a hawk and a tiger/lion)
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The Acid House, adapted from Irvine Welsh, has a segment where a guy is turned into a fly and flies around while taking revenge on his unfaithful girlfriend. Lots of fly-POV.
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Beetlejuice, I believe, has a fly POV shot.
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Also, there is in fact a compound eye shot in the 1958 The Fly. You can watch the whole film on Netflix Instant.
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IIRC there is a POV shot of the creature in The Dunwich Horror that does the compound eye thing.

Also Meet the Feebles.
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Then of course you have Predator [alien PoV], Robocop [cyborg PoV], Terminator [robot PoV]. The last two are pretty basic, with mostly some digital readout type stuff added, but Predator has the beasties viewing things in a non-human light spectrum.
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The 1981 Oscar-winning animated short "A Legy" shows the world from a (mostly) airborne flys perspective. It's pretty clever.
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And just because I'm a stickler for science, the whole cinema compound-eye thing is probably NOT how insects actually perceive the world.
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Oh yeah, the original Bedazzled with Dudley Moore has a scene where he turns into a fly and as I remember it fits your criteria.
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