christmas idea for my musically-inclined cousin?
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GiftFilter: What should I get as a Christmas present for my cousin who's a guy, a music ed major, a junior in college, preppy, and sort of athletic?

He's way into music of all sorts, spends a lot of time running the male acapella group on campus, and is into theater, but likes sports too. Ideas? Not a gift card, and alcohol won't fly at Christmas at my grandparents' either. Thanks all.
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Guitar T-Shirt?
posted by null terminated at 8:47 PM on December 7, 2010

The Glee box set?

A selection of funky skinny ties? There's some cool stuff here.

The stylophone is pretty awesome, and a musican might appreciate its retro cool.
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What's your budget? Guys like this at my school would probably like a pair of classic-looking aviators or other sunglasses or maybe some Topsiders in a slightly unusual colorway. Does he have a phone you could get him accessories for? What sort of sports does he play/watch?

Or just give him a handle of something when your grandparents aren't around.
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Get him an Aerobie boomerang.

It's great for solitary exercise, and it's the only way I know of to play catch with someone as you're standing right next to them having a conversation.
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This isn't what you're expecting, but this is what I really wish someone would get me for Christmas:

Lacie iamakey

Perfect for college. Flash sticks are mandatory, I carry one on my keychain all the time - but how about one that is thin and durable and very cool? HELL YEAH.
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All music ed majors need a set of Boomwhackers.
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Supersilent 7
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