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I'm looking for all of the band-oriented sites you know of-- streaming and/or download & sell. Perfect examples: bandcamp, purevolume, reverbnation, thesixtyone.

The sites I mentioned are perfect for posting tracks, either for free download, sale, or just streaming, at the artist's discretion.

They're also made for registration by bands, not by individuals who are connected to the band profiles (like on soundclick, myspace, or faceblech)

The advantage I want is to connect the artist to listeners (& artists) who tend to spend time on those sites in particular, browsing by tags.

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I believe Soundcloud is one, though I may be mistaken, as I'm not crystal-clear on what you mean by that band-vs-individual thing.
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I have some friends who work for Indaba Music which is more about getting people to be able to collaborate online but there's a lot of individual folks there who work on things together as well as bands. Like box I'm not totally sure what you're after.
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thanks-- the band vs. individual distinction is perhaps not vital for this thread, I guess, since I can just sift through your suggestions, but what I mean is that some sites only let you be displayed as 'John Smith, who manages ABC Band,' instead of 'ABC Band's profile.'

royal blue pepsi cola example from my soundclick:
A quicky scroll-down on left (or 'find' command) for "member profile"; & click.. shows that

the site doesn't allow the user to divorce the 'band' profile from this 'member' profile, nor to establish a 'member' profile that won't show the member's date of birth (or omit date of birth in establishing one, for that matter), which is.. dumb.

I can't figure why they would want to do this in an attempt to serve bands, but that's why I make the distinction here.
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Well, I use Reverbnation and thesixtyone for my band, and some similar sites that I use for distribution/streaming are Jango,, Alonetone, Pandora, and CDBaby, along with Myspace (which has actually been helpful) and Facebook (which is absolutely terrible).
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