Should I merge our Facebook Fan Page to a Places Page?
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Pros and Cons of merging our organization's Facebook fan page with our Facebook Places page?

(note: We are a nonprofit cultural attraction/botanical garden)

Last week Facebook popped up an "is this you?" notice for my organization's Facebook Places account. I took control and now have admin rights to it too. My question is that it keeps asking if we want to merge our Fan page into our Places page. In the little research I've had time to do, Facebook's help section seems littered with people who did merge and now want to switch back but can't.

We're relatively new with an active Facebook Fan page for our organization (less than a year) and have worked slowly through it in terms of events, photos, etc. In our plan for 2011 was to start doing some Static FBML applications for things and other whatnot.

Ideally, I'm looking for what other people have done and whether it's a good idea or not. For now, the Places Page has a wall post referring to our Fan Page. Thanks!
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I would recommend against this. Your Place listing offers less functionality than your Page, and you can't go back. If you're using things like tabs, you'll lose them without warning.

I'm pretty sure FB will be building that functionality back in... at some point. They have a habit of releasing "half done" things.
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