Apple interview process for a hardware engineer?
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My friend just got scheduled for a phone interview for a hardware engineer position at Apple. Are there any mefites who could provide any insight into what kind of questions they will ask, other aspects of the hiring process at Apple, or any other tips?
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I have no personal experience in the matter, but these people do.
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Those answers are pretty worthless. Your friend should expect a full day of technical interviews, shouldn't feel bad about not having a good answer, and should practice verbally talking through his thinking to make sure all the brilliant things that are going on in his head show through. I think the most important thing though is not looking at the interviews confrontationally. They really do want to hire you (after all, they're spending a chunk of their time talking to you instead of doing work), they just want to see first that you're a capable, intelligent, driven person that'll fit in well there. If they ask tricky questions, they're asking them to give you a chance to show how well you think about things, not to trick you.
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