Find Dow Vintage Port 2007
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EmergencyWineFinder: Dow Vintage Port 2007. Local or online (I am in San Diego)

For the first time I know something my Dad actually wants for Christmas. But, I can't find it anywhere. I did find it online (at a place that ships to California) but they ran out and canceled my order.

I am happy to drive or pay for shipping. I am hoping to keep the cost under $150.
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Wowza, your dad picked a tough present! It's 100pt WS score and appearance on the top 100 list is going to make it a scarce find. I don't have any specific location suggestions, but my guess is this will be very highly allocated to local ritzy wine stores. Chain stores, like BevMo!, are unlikely to receive any, unless there is one in a really fancy neighborhood. Cursory glance at their website does not show any inventory. You're probably going to be fighting collectors on this one. Good luck. Full disclosure, I worked for BevMo! for years and now work at a major competitor.
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Best answer: Out of curiosity I just rang three retailers near my parents, two of whom are online and all of whom are sold out, even when their websites say they've stock. Have you looked in the San Diego Yellow Pages and rung down the entire list? That would be my next move if nobody knows of a store that actually has any.
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Response by poster: Well, I called the place that canceled my original order and they had one magnum left. I think they are out now, but it was

Thanks for the help
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They were on my list! When I rang the man said "we're just selling our last bottle" so that must have been you. Congrats, that's a really good find this year and a great gift.
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