Mom Friendly PS3 Games
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So my parents cashed in their rewards points for a big plasma TV, and a PS3. Now my job is to find them some games. So what can them other than Little Big Planet?

Mom spends most of her time online playing Bejeweled, but the main appeal of that is to compete with her friends on Facebook. She adored the Oddworld games for the PS1, and if she could play those, or something like those it would make her happy. She also enjoyed playing SSX Tricky on the PS2. Something I could play with her while visiting would be good.

Has to be fairly easy, and not too many menu options necessary.(choosing all those spells and stuff in an RPG is too complicated she says)
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The Oddworld games are actually available on PSN. Flower and the Monkey Island games are good PSN purchases too.
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The Orange Box for Portal.
Valkyria Chronicles for some strategy?
You can download Abe's Oddysee from the PSN store.

There is nothing as good as SSX as far I know.
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Flower, and any of the Pixel Junk games (Eden, Shooter, Monsters)
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Heh, I have a similar problem, and Little Big Planet was the first game I gave my parents as well. But they're getting Katamari Forever for Christmas. (trailer)
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Right. I should note that Flower is not in any way similar to what you mentioned, but a beautiful and relaxing game. And Monkey Island is just... ridiculous and maybe not parent appropriate.
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Braid is a single-player game with simple controls but challenging puzzles. My mother is in her seventies and often solved them first when we played as a team. It is also beautiful.
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There is no one in the world who doesn't love Katamari. Katamari Forever is available for PS3. Done and done.

(Depending on her PS3 model she may be able to play PS2 games as well, in which case I like "We <3 Katamari" slightly more than the original "Katamari Damacy" but all are mom-friendly.)
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Perhaps echochrome? Very puzzle-y, but in a rather unorthodox way. It's available on PSN.
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Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll definitely make sure she gets the Oddworld games, and we'll check out Flower, Braid and Echochrome. Katamari....I adore Katamari, but the look she gave me when she saw me playing the original! I think that one was just too weird for her.
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Toy Story 3 was unexpectedly entertaining. If you can get over the idea that it's kids-only, it's worth a look - it kept us amused for a couple hundred hours.
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Shaun White Snowboarding was hated by critics but i found it quite wonderful.
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