He's a very good boy !
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My best buddy, an Australian Cattle Dog named "Willie Nelson" has Cushing's Disease , and will require medication for the remainder of his life (he's 14). The prescription is for Vetoryl (trilostane 60mg), and through my Vet it's $100, but he said he would be happy to write a Rx for an online provider. I see prices as low as $67, but I want to make sure Willie is getting just what the Dr. ordered. Which online provider do you use? which ones do you avoid ?
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I've ordered veterinary prescription medications from drugstore.com before. I consider them reputable and reliable, and the prices were good too! They do have a limited selection, but you can search and see if they carry it.
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I would avoid petfooddirect.com. I used to order prescription food there to try to avoid having to go to the vet on Sat mornings but would experience unexplained shipping delays of up to 9 days for items that were supposedly in stock at the time of ordering. I kept ending up having to go to the vet's office to buy food in addition to spending the $$ on the food that just shipped.
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I've had good service from 1800petmeds.com. I do get "reminder emails" from them more often than I'd like, but not to the point of being really irritating yet.
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Seconding 1-800-petmeds.com. What they sell is the real thing per our vet, and at lower prices.
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Best answer: I've had good experiences with Drs. Foster & Smith.
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Best answer: Seconding Drs. Foster & Smith. They were very professional.
Hugs to Willie!
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Response by poster: I checked out 1-800-petmeds before, it's $90 there. For only ten bucks a month, I'd just get from my vet. Drs. Foster & Smith has it for $71 with free shipping. That sounds like a winner so far. I'm not trying to be a cheapskate, but $30 per month adds up. It was offered up cheerfully, and I DO spend a lot with him, so I don't think I'm pissing him off.
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Response by poster: Also, thanks Agatha, He and his dachshund brother are intently watching me cook steak sandwiches right now :D !
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Smartpak are excellent and will do a regular refill for you so you don't have to fuss with it. They also have regular, good, coupon deals.
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We've used Dr. F&S for lots of non-medical pet supplies and always had good experiences. They are located in Wisconsin, so bonus fast shipping if you are in the Midwest.
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You might also want to try some local human side pharmacies. That way you won't have to deal with shipping, worries about stability during shipping and delays.
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