They really all sound the same to me.
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A question for all the Dub/Dubstep experts out there.

Or, at least I think those are the right categories, Dub and Dubstep seem to encompass a wide range of sound but there are a lot of spin-offs I know nothing about. Anyway I am trying to find music that sounds like these – The Orbs Mother Nature and DDD (starting at about 6:15, really kicking in at about 8:15 -- and sorry about the quality, its all I could find), and a lot of the stuff The Dub Machinist does, such as the Kikkoman Dub. Heavy reggae influence, lots of bass, electronic diddling and maybe some sampling? What I’m really trying to find is a song I heard in a Mexican grocery store a couple of weeks ago and between my lack of Spanish and their lack of interest, I couldn’t identify. Thanks
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Probably not dubstep, as that's typically a sound more like this playlist. Some of it gets interesting (example), but it's less reggae, more "wonky." Based on the amazing song by The Orb (Mother Nature, thanks for that!), you might be looking for "dub techno." If that works for you, I give you a search for Dub Techno on Discogs (though it might be more minimal than you'd like). Discogs has embedded YouTube samples, so you could get lucky and find some goodies with samples.
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Also, you can do some link-hopping on Discogs, starting with The Dub Machinist and checking the labels that releasted DM tracks, then looking at other artists on those labels, finding compilations with those artists, etc. Discogs is a plethora of musical wonders.
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Yeah, that is NOT dubstep.
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Hmm... maybe some stuff on DJ/rupture's Uproot? (sample, sample) Tends to skew more towards actual dub than most dubstep (a lot of which is essentially a form of drum & bass, I feel... not that there's anything wrong with that).
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Maybe something by peace orchestra?
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Apologies, actually nevermind the peace orchestra. Doesn't have any reggae in it. Which, to be fair, DDD doesn't really have at 6:15 either; it was a similar use of a flanger(?) type effect that brought the peace orchestra to mind.
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maybe you should be searching the reggaeton genre instead?

/ i only know this because mtv tres is one of my four analogue tv broadcast channels!
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