FTP on my MAC. Help!
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FTP on a mac using "Connect to Server." Why isn't this working?

I followed the instructions here, and although my ftp server shows up and I can look at all the files, and even copy them from the server to my computer, I can't add anything to the folders or edit any of the files. When I try to do anything with them I get an error message saying that the folder cannot be modified. How do I fix this? I'm running OSX ver. 10.5.8.
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Best answer: I haven't used the "Connect to Server" command for ftp in the last few OS X releases, but in earlier ones, they could only download and browse via ftp. I use CyberDuck as a free/open source FTP client on the Mac.
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Yeah, you're limited to read only over FTP from the "Connect to Server" utility.
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You might have to give the FTP user (or whichever user the FTP service runs as) write access to the directory(s)?

But SCP (secure copy, part of the SSH suite) might be the better option.
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Response by poster: Thanks, folks! CyberDuck seems to do the trick.
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