Help me transfer some video, then muck with it.
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Help me transfer some video, then muck with it.

I have a stack of a bunch of old TV commercials I've written and directed. Like 100 or so. They're all on VHS. I also have a Sony DVD Direct machine. So, yeah, I know I can now put them all on DVDs. But once they're there, I want to be able to rip that video off the DVD and reassemble them using iMovie. I can get them on the DVDs but am clueless how to pull them from the DVD once I pop them in my macbook. I mean, the DVD plays on my computer but there's no file or icon to access the video so I can apply mac the ripper or something. Any help from people far more adept than I will me greatly appreciated. Mrs. lpsguy is staring menacingly at the fort of tapes on the dining room table.
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With this many tapes, I'd recommend getting a Canopus ADVC-300. It talks directly to iMovie. Less futzing required, and you'll get through the stack faster than you might have thought. It will cost you less than $4 a tape.
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(but you need a firewire connection)
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I assume since they're on VHS, you're not too concerned about quality (VHS is awful), but just in case... You'll probably get better results (and save a step) by going right from VHS to a file on the computer (which you could then burn to DVD if you really wanted to). There are many devices that will let you connect a VHS deck to a MacBook. For example, I use a Grass Valley AVDC 110. I just capture directly from tape in Final Cut Pro (I assume you could do the same in iMovie, but I haven't played with iMovie since its first version).

Handbrake is one way to get the videos back off the DVDs, if you really want to take that route.
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Oops, I typed too slow, and zippy said basically the same thing :-p
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Have you tried using Handbrake yet?
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Response by poster: Zip, I'd kind of like to resist spending the $400 on the Canopus. I mean, these tapes each contain 30 seconds of video.

GM, I didn't try Handbrake. I tried MacTheRipper but it said it couldn't find the video. Is Handbrake different? Or does this Sony DVD thing just slag the video onto a DVD using some weird format?

Finally, I like sharding's idea, but do I need an intermediary piece of equipment? Anyone just get the right cable and blow from a VHS player right into iMovie?

Thanks, this is helping.
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I've never used MactheRipper, but from my use of Handbrake, and thinking that if it plays in a DVD player, it can't be that weird of a format, Handbrake should be able to pull it. Worst case scenario, you're out the couple minutes it would take to download and try it.
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DVDxDV has always worked for me. It converts the video into easily-editable DV files. I think you'll be fine with the $29 non-pro version.
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WinX DVD Ripper Platinum
Works great and comes with a disk copy program also.
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