Best program for character portraits?
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What computer game, online or otherwise, or other avatar-maker type program, has the best character-portrait maker?

I like to have pictures of my D&D characters, and I know very clearly in my mind what they look like, but I suck at drawing. I also suck at Photoshop, GIMP, and any other program more complex than point-and-click.

If I try to have someone else draw my characters, I go back and forth with them, going "No, her eyebrows are too thick. Now too arched. Now too thin..." until the artist wants to kill me.

I really like the character-maker part of video games, where you can try on different hair and eyes and stuff. Sometimes I enjoy this part more than actually playing the game.

I would like to have a program where I can choose from a tremendous variety of options in terms of eyes, hair etc, and flip 'em all around and stuff, and then maybe print or save my finished image. If there is a video game attached to this, that's OK. I'm willing to pay for this.

Anything will do; Second Life, WoW, whatever; I just want to know which one has the best (ie most variety and more 'realistic' rather than cartoony) character customization. Bonus if it has 'fantasy' elements but modern world is fine if it has a really good face/body maker.
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Dragon Age has the most precise one I've seen so far. And it's free!
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I seem to recall that Dragon Age: Origins (by Bioware) has a pretty customizable portrait generator. It's a fantasy game too so it would go well with D&D.
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The new Eve Online one is going to be hard to beat.
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I think that APB's was meant to be very good. It's very much not fantasy thoguh. Apologies for the people in the video.
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Not World of Warcraft. WoW is good many things, customized characters is definitely not one of them!
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HeroMachine. 2D, point and click, very customizable.
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Seconding EVE Online - that one is the best I've ever seen (which is ironic because you never actually get to see your character walk about in that game).

It is a sci-fi thing though so if you're playing fantasy DnD, Dragon Age would be better.
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Thanks guys!
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Yeah forget WoW, it has no character options beyond race, class, and clothing.

The most awesome one I have ever seen is for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It does have fantasy options for a couple of non-existent races. You can spend hours making your character though because each facial area has multiple slider bars so you can be awfully precise with it. I can't believe it wouldn't be specific enough for you.
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Mass Effect 2?'s a damn good game on top of being pretty cuztomizable...
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