Food with Dogs: SF.
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Please share your list of dog-friendly restaurants in San Francisco with me.

I have visitors coming to town this weekend and they will be travelling with a Chihuahua. Specifically I am looking for a puppy-friendly place to have lunch with them and their well-behaved dog.
  • I understand this frequently means eating outside, so places with those little heat lamp things would be especially welcome.
  • I have two dogs so any generalized recommendations for dog friendly places to eat any meal are welcome as well.
  • I found lots of web resources that can recommend dog-friendly bars, but I'm looking specifically for places that serve food.
  • Everything from tiny neighborhood cafes to Michelin dining is welcome. However places like SBUX or McDonald's that just happen to have some outdoor tables are not really what I'm looking for.
  • Any neighborhood, any cuisine. Berkeley places might also work.
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There are a number of places in the Castro with outdoor tables. The corner of Market/16th/Noe has Bagdad, La Mediterranee, Starbelly (which only uses their front tables occasionally), Super Duper, Squat & Gobble, etc.

Also, Axis Cafe in Potrero has a lovely back patio that is dog-friendly, and they have a great brunch.
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Many places on 16th between Valencia and Guerrero.
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Zazie's in Cole Valley has Bring your dog to dinner every Monday night.
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Oops, corrected link
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If you don't need to have a tight plan in advance, you may just be able to try bringing them wherever you feel like going with no problem, especially if it's a quiet chihuahua. I always seem to see people ignoring "no dog" signs in that area, and often I even see employees petting customers' illegally-brought-in dogs. (Yes, technically they may be "service animals" rather than pets, and thus allowed in, but...they must be service animals for anxiety or something, nothing like a guide dog for a blind person.)
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Fairly great resource here.
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Best answer: Here're a few places I've been: my girl and I had brunch with our dog at Cafe Floré in the Castro recently. Good food, good drinks, lovely outside seating with heat lamps; brought the pooch to Triptych in SOMA a while back, which was nice. Patio seating out back, good food and art-y interior with awesome bathrooms. The waiter even brought us water for the pup; La Note in Berkeley is pretty amazing for breakfast/brunch, though it's a bit of a wait generally. They have a patio out back, but last time I was there it wasn't open (read: too cold). Call ahead; Flippers Burgers in Hayes Valley has a pretty generous patio, though I don't remember if there are heat lamps out there or not. They put water out for the dogs as well, and their brunches are pretty good; The Crepe House on Polk has some nice little tables outside. Then again, it's Polk Street, so things can get a little dicey with the hobos now and again. YMMV; The Elite Cafe on Fillmore is a pretty nice place. It's gets very crowded for brunch, and though it has sidewalk seating, those tables are sort of coveted. Lot's of dogs out there, though.

Really, there are many place in SF that won't complain if you just walk on in with your dog. You can always try the 'service dog' ploy, but I don't have too much advice about that. If your friend's dog is just a tiny chihuahua, particularly is it fits in a purse and stays there quietly, I can't imagine they'll get too much trouble for carrying him/her around.

You might also consider getting some portable food (breakfast burrito?) and taking it over to Crissy Field or something. All the dogs get to frolic, you and your friends get to walk in the sand, beautiful views all around.
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Best answer: Liberty Cafe in Bernal Heights has a back patio where dogs are not only welcomed but fussed over.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!
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