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Another NYC parking question... Moving to NYC and will be staying in temporary housing for at least a month in downtown Manhattan/Battery Park area starting this Saturday. We need a reasonably located/priced, secure parking spot for a least a month until we figure out where our permanent home will be. I'm not expecting much need to move the car during this time. I know similar questions have been asked and answered, Pier 40 (+/-$300 month) is already on the list, but I would appreciate any advice on closer/convenient, farther/cheaper or Pier 40 experience. Thank you.
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Pier 40 is your best bet in the nabe. Make sure they give you a cover and try not to park inside if you can. You are def getting what you pay for. If you don't need your car regularly it gets cheaper as you move up the west side. Actually if you are really sure you don't need it for a month I bet there are even cheaper options in the boroughs.

Just to put the price at Pier 40 in perspective - it is almost half the price of the garages closest to our apartment.
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ETA: Our car is parked at Pier 40
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Check out this site. It lists all the garages in your neighborhood and monthly cost. Click on "monthly" then "neighborhood" then scroll down to financial district.
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If you're not going to need to use your car at all, you can put it in someones driveway in Queens, Brooklyn, or Jersey.
When I would go away for a month or two at a time, I would find a place on Craigslist, usually someones private driveway behind a fence or gate, that was close to a subway for around $100 a month or so.
Look under the housing category, it's listed there as parking/storage
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I would second newpotato's idea. I did the same thing when we had an extended vacation and it worked out great.
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I was about to say what newpotato said, only... where are you moving from? I would just leave it there if possible.

Just so you know, unless you have a family, you absolutely do not need a car if you are living in Manhattan (which you are). Taking cabs whenever you needed them would probably still cost less than insurance + parking + parking tickets (which you will undoubtedly get).
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