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There are a lot of e-blast and mailing list software options for PC, but if you have a Mac and want to send out e-mails to a lot of people in an organized way, is there any great way to go? I REALLY can't afford to use Constant Contact right now, my mailing list is large and it would cost a *bunch*.
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Response by poster: Thanks in advance for your help, folks! :)
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How about Mail Chimp? http://www.mailchimp.com/
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If you're a 501(c)3, Vertical Response has a no-cost offering. You do have to provide documentation of your tax status though. Not a heavy user, can't vouch for ease of use.
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Where do you host your website(s)? I've been very happy with the built-in mailing list software that Dreamhost provides, for what it's worth, though you'll need to prove the addresses were obtained in a way they deem kosher to just import the lists all at once (they're very strict about opt-in).

That said, we moved one massive list from Constant Contact back to Dreamhost (who promptly deemed CC's opt-in determining insufficient for their needs) and just asked everyone to reconfirm they wanted to be on it. It was a good way to weed out ancient addresses, about 90% of the people already on chose to stay on...
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Response by poster: It's hosted with godaddy. I'm not a 501(c)3.
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miss_lynster: is this godaddy article on creating mailing lists with Simple Control Panel of any help?
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If you really want to harness your email campaigns/mailing lists, SugarCRM Community Edition (CE) is free and extremely powerful.

It may be overkill depending on your comfort level with installation and need for tracking responses etc., but I have found the mailing components better than anything else available. Once up and running on your server (loads of support for GoDaddy in the forums) it is really is to import, build your mails and send out in managed order.
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Seconding MailChimp. Simple interface, useful campaign analytics, and free if you send out under 6,000 emails a month.
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Watch out if you have a GoDaddy domain and you send out mass mailings. They are literally infamous for acting as judge-jury-executioner when they get spam reports. If you aren't careful, you can easily have your site yanked and forwarded to "suspendedforspamming.com" for as little as 1 spam complaint.

Don't host domains at GoDaddy if you do email marketing (who doesn't?)

$199 abuse fee still going on at GoDaddy (contains a huge number of links and examples.)

I have nothing against email lists, if you got opt-in, I have no problem with your mass-emailing, but GoDaddy very likely might. Do yourself a favor and move your domain to NameCheap or some other more reputable registrar before sending out the email blast.
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Response by poster: No worries about me spamming people. I'm doing this for folks who are signing up for a membership.
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Response by poster: Wow. Funmonkey1... I was really intrigued by your description for that site... but as a graphic designer I took one look at the website and went "No." Not well designed AT ALL for people like me who have a design sense. Hate to say, but it screams "only programmers would want to be here or will comprehend this site."
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