Need a great chair for a fat guy
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The best ergo/computer chair for a big/tall guy - yes, I've searched askMeFi, but there are some special snowflake details...

I'm a 300 lb+, 6'1" dude who is desperate for a decent chair - I've been sitting on Staples chairs for years, this last summer I finally broke down and got a Herman Miller Aeron (size C), and it's destroyed my back - sciatica/leg problems commenced shortly after I got this thing, and no amount of tweaking the settings has helped. It's been a nightmare.

So I've been searching, and while the Steelcase Leap looks like it might be just the thing, it seems like it's rated to just around 300 lbs. I'd like to get away without spending $2000 for bigger, more padded versions of the Steelcase (The Leap Work Lounge looks great, but it's a bit pricey), and have found someone selling a used Leap for around $400. I'd like to spend no more than $600, if possible, but some firsthand testimonials from folks who might have run down a similar path would be deeply appreciated.
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I don't have a recommendation for you, except possibly to steer you away from the Leap. I use one at work, and the fact that I can't adjust the pitch of the seat itself (unlike on my cheap Staples Acadia) just about drives me nuts some days.
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I think the Steelcase Leap could work for you. I'm 6'5" and 270lbs and love mine. It's quite a large chair, particularly the seat pan. It feels incredibly sturdy, I'd be surprised if going a few pounds over rated would be an issue.

BTW, my Leap has "seat edge angle" and "seat depth" controls on the left side. Not sure if bricoleur has a different version or if he means something different by seat pitch.
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I got one of these a couple years ago. I was breaking Staples chairs on an annual basis. This chair is not the most comfortable thing I've ever sat in, but it's better than most. I was a bit over 300 when I got it and it's shown no signs of wear or tear. For what it's worth, the chair is rated for 24/7 use at 400lbs.
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I'm 6'1" and have weighed as much as 225 and I've had a Steelcase Think for several years and really like it. Sometimes my girlfriend sits in my lap while I'm sitting in the chair; we've never thought anything of it, though according to the website it's also only rated to 300 lbs.

It's adjustable, but doesn't have 2134879017235890 possible adjustments like an Aeron; you can adjust the recline resistance and the armrest height and position and that's it. (It moves up and down, too, obviously.) But I find that's all I need; the mesh molds to my body and it's super comfortable and great for reclining.

Still looks and functions perfectly after 5 years. Heartily recommended!
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One Stop Plus has a furniture/housewares section for larger people that you might want to look at. Lots of stuff with weight limits above 300 lbs; it's worth a look.
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I have been happy with a Grahl chair; if you buy new there are lots of options. They are probably outwith your price range new, but a second-hand one might fit into your range.
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