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[Giftfilter] Where can I find the best, most stylish--yet relatively affordable--sword cane?

(Anon on the off-chance my partner happens upon this.)

I have up to $100 to spend on a sword cane, but so far I'm not having a lot of luck finding something well-made yet stylish; this is a little geriatric for what I'm envisioning, but the quality is a lot more appealing than, which seems like it wouldn't be that solid, functional (though I in no way expect my partner to have practical need of a sword cane, I'd like to give something that could theoretically serve that purpose). I'd love to give something like, something in mahogany or walnut, without an embellished handle. My partner doesn't have a medical need for the cane, it would more likely be a prop (but a high-quality prop, if that makes sense).

Thank you so much!
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Have you searched using the terms "sword stick" or "cane sword" because both of those are to my knowledge more widely used terms for the object.
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(FWIW: Carrying long, concealed knives is thoroughly illegal in a lot of places. I don't know if this affects the gift's suitability as a mostly-prop, but if it might, you should check your local laws to know where you stand.)
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When it comes to buying swords, I've turned to for a while now. I've gotten a couple of swords from them (katanas though, not sword canes) and I've been relatively pleased, though, you often get what you pay for (a $15 sword is going to be a $15 sword).

Take a look through Weapon Master's sword cane selection and see if any strike your fancy. Some of them look a bit classier/cheesier than the ones you linked. I personally really want the sword umbrella but I don't think anyone in my life would be kind enough to buy it for me.
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$100 might be too little for anything of quality. Fashionable Canes offers several versions, some just north of your budget. I can't speak for those, but their actual canes are excellent. (A good hardwood cane is quite useable for self defense in its own right.)
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