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Someone explain my phone upgrade eligibility to me (Sprint).

Alright, so - I have a Palm Pre, my mother has an LG Rumor 2. We both got our phones last December and we're both ready for new ones. We are on the same contract, and her line is the primary line on the account.

When I check up upgrade eligibility, it tells me that I get "$150 with a two-year subscriber agreement (or $75 with a one-year agreement)" as of December 1. So, my first question - does "with a two-year subscriber agreement" mean that I need to sign on for another two years in order to get my full upgrade? I plan on jumping ship after this year, so that's unfortunate if so.

On the other hand, they're not offering my mother her full upgrade until next October. Is there any reason why our upgrades would be at different times? Both of us have had our phones replaced during the last year due to defects, so I can't imagine why we'd have different upgrade dates.

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1. Yes, usually to get an upgrade you need to re-sign a contract. That's why they are offering you a discount -- because you are promising to stick around for a while.

2. When you replaced your faulty phones, I suspect they restarted your waiting period to become upgrade eligible. You will have to check the fine print of your contract to see if that was an error on their part or not.
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On preview, exactly what Rock Steady said. Beyond that, Sprint's Customer Service is outrageously helpful now, so give them a call and ask about the different waiting periods.
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You are probably a "Sprint Premier" customer (you spend $XX/month or higher).


"Upgrade to a new phone every 12 months on your primary line."
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