I want mexican food but english instructions
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why am I being redirected to the mexican version of allrecipes.com?

I type allrecipes.com into the address bars of both firefox and chrome. I get sent to allrecipes.com.mx. This happens on two different computers on the same network. On one computer I'm fine.

I know this could be malware. I'm running full malwarebytes scans on both of those computers as we speak.

But is there a quick workaround? I'm trying to make lunch.
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Not sure why it's happening to you. However, if you search for "Allrecipes" in google, you get a handy search box under the result, which you can use to look for what you want for lunch. It's a workaround.
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From looking at the site, there should be a bar at the bottom where you can choose your version. Have you tried that?
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When I click the us/canada link at the bottom of the page i get sent right back to allrecipes.com.mx

trying the google search workaround right now
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i tried the google search and found the direct link to the recipe i want. But clicking it redirected me as well. But there was a cached version I clicked and that brought up the recipe i wanted in english.

thank you guys for your help. I hope all the malware writers of the world slip in the shower and crack their heads.
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I wonder if it would help if you cleared your cookies?
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Where are you located? And are you using a proxy? I wonder if the site is trying to do a sort of auto-localization thing based on your IP address?

Allrecipes.com comes up as What happens if you enter that IP address into your browser? This, or perhaps doing a tracert to www.allrecipes.com may help uncover DNS weirdness that may be going on.
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So it looks like their doing geolocation based on your IP.

According to their "About" site you should be able to select an alternative using the navigation at the bottom.

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(its the EEUU/Canada link on the bottom)
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Sounds like it;s thinking your IP address is in Mexico, and auto-changing the URL based on that.
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could be your browser is running through a proxy based in mexico, when your malware scan is done, you should check your browsers for proxy settings
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Some sites try to be clever about languages. I have that problem with Blogger sites, for example: the things Blogger itself adds to the page are displayed in Japanese.

The reason is that I have my browser set to support both English and Japanese, and when my browser makes a request it indicates that both languages are supported here. Evidently there's no way to indicate which I prefer (obviously English) and Blogger decides that all dumb Americans are English-only, so if I'm also saying Japanese is fine, then that must be what I prefer.

Do you have your browser set up to support Spanish language? I bet that if you eliminate that, the site will display in English.
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