Is there a device that will let me connect two ethernet devices to my wireless network?
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Is it possible to buy a device, similar to a wireless router, that will connect wirelessly to my existing router/wireless network and provide internet service to multiple devices over ethernet?

Right now, I have in my office a cable modem, 3G Microcell, and DirecTV internet connection device. Both the 3G Microcell and the DirecTV device are not wireless; they are ethernet only. They are currently plugged into my Apple Airport Extreme.

I'm switching from cable to DSL, and I have no phone jack in this office. So I need to move my Apple Airport Extreme router to another room. But for peculiar reasons, I can't move the other two devices as well. (The DirecTV device is wired to connect via coax at this specific point and the 3G Microcell needs a GPS signal which I can only get in the office).

Can I purchase a device, similar to a wireless router, that will connect to my existing Apple Airport Extreme wireless network running throughout the apartment, and provide IP service (presumably with internal network IP addresses generated by the Airport Extreme) to two or more devices?
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Best answer: You want a wireless bridge. Most will provide one ethernet port, this D-Link provides four.
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DD-WRT and similar alternative firmwares can do this on standard hardware like a Linksys WRTG-54L router. The installation can be a bit intimidating if you haven't done it before but it is fairly simple and it works great.
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Response by poster: Ahh, D-Link Xtreme N Duo Wireless Bridge. Genius. Thanks, mhz. This was one of those things that was hard to find if you didn't know the exact name of what you are looking for.
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Response by poster: Ahh, DD-WRT. Heard of it, and that makes sense. I think I'll try the D-Link first and see if that works well for me, and if not, I'll delve into the DD-WRT world. Thanks all.
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I just paid $17 shipped for a wireless router that will be a bridge with DD-WRT. If cost is an issue, check DD-WRT (I did a test install on another brand) was a little scary but it wasn't as bad as I thought.
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