Best current design blogs?
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If I like notcot, picocool, freshbump, cribcandy, oobject, .kompound., materialicious, workspaces, core77, 2modern, design sponge, then what other design/fashion blogs out there will absolutely blow my freaking mind?
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Response by poster: I forgot to mention The Selby, of course, which is maybe one of the best prototypes for the elusive thing I'm looking for.
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academichic might be up your alley
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Best answer: Perhaps the wrong sensibility (too lux), but Trendir? Or possibly Shedworking is more up your alley?
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Best answer: Sweet Paul is decor-y, entertaining-y.
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Best answer: Minimalissimo
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Best answer: We Make Money Not Art
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Best answer: Design Launches

Yanko Design
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Best answer: Svpply
Grain Edit
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Best answer: Can't say I'm versed in all your examples, but today and tomorrow blows my mind regularly.
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Best answer: I visit and like all of the sites you mention :)

Here are sites I follow - some all the time, some more intermittently, depending on what I need for design inspiration. There's top end, sleek, wow stuff; some wholesome, nanna stuff; some travel inspired stuff; some green/sustainability stuff.
Seconding Grain Edit - love it.
similar-ish vein: three potato four
Modern Architecture & Design - a great resource
The Cool Hunter
Crib Candy
Dezeen - a favourite
Aubrey Road Hawaiian goodness
Dudecraft - one of my favourites
Haute Nature - sustainability focus - as is
Hoosta - I sometimes drop by when I am looking for hotel inspiration
Dwell - of course, for occasional visits
Noquedanblogs - Spanish stuff
My Scandinavian Retreat - great if you like a lot of white :)
art + culture
Daily Icon
Frame Magazine - love it, love their stuff.
Remodelista [not the bestest in terms of slick, shiny design but has heart etc]
Oh, Hello Friend [ditto]

Moggit - for design jokes that I want anyway.

I like The Brick House

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Best answer: Nice collection of resources here. It's hit and miss, but sometimes you can find some amazing projects on Behance. In particular, I like:

Typography Served
Industrial Design Served
Illustration Served

I started digging deeper after finding this student project on there: Wes Anderson Film Festival by Alex Cornell
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